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We are excited to announce that 2018 sponsorship application process has started!

We will choose 5 athletes to represent Kata Apparel in 2018. So hurry up to submit your application form, spots are very limited!

We welcome athletes from all countries, federations and divisions to our team!

Why should you consider becoming our sponsored athlete?

For past 3 years we've been working exclusively on creating high-quality professional suits for athletes from more than 20 countries in the world. We have great plans for 2018 including new suit lines (haute-couture and diva), amazing shoes and jewelry collections and we need YOU to help us spred the world all the beauty of our creations!

What you will receive as a sponsored athlete:

  • at least 1 custom design full-cover suit per season (at least 2 suits per year)
  • hand-picked or custom made jewelry to fit your suit and overall look
  • posing practice suit and more nice little things for your competition prep and show day!

What we expect from our sponsored athletes:

Genuinely represent love to our products to your audience on social media and in real life!

We beleive that once you work with us you will fall in love with everything we do!